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NEDRC Residential (inpatient) Programme

Who is this programme for?

Our residential programme offers 12-weeks care to clients who require a higher level of support both physically and psychologically. The programme offers intensive therapeutic intervention along with Dietetic and Nutritional rehabilitation.

You will receive support, care and understanding from the team over the course of your treatment in order to facilitate you to feel more in control of your eating disorder and of your life. We have onsite medical and psychiatric care, 24/7 Nursing care, onsite phlebotomy, ECG, vital signs and BMI monitoring.

We offer direct referrals for DEXA scans, gastroenterology and endocrinology when required. Our full-time team of Psychologists, therapists, Dieticians are easily accessible to clients when needed. Our extended team of Social worker, family therapist and physiotherapist is available to clients and their families as allocated.

The residential programme offers an eclectic variation of therapies and interventions to clients in order to suit the needs of the current client base at that time, e.g., CBT, DBT, MANTRA, SSCM, CREST, ACT, CFT, RO-DBT.

All 8 bed-rooms are single, bright and modern and we encourage clients to bring along some of their own home comforts to help them settle in. Residents have 2 large sitting rooms- 1 with TV and the other more of a games room. We also have a quiet room aka “the fluffy room” and a large modern, homely kitchen-diner. We have multiple therapy rooms that can also be used when residents have visitors.

Depending on a client’s individual care plan, clients on our residential programme are encouraged to take hours out/ overnight theraputic leave during the programme. This can help clients understand areas that they might need extra support with and work on that when back in NEDRC.

We encourage clients to be active participants in their recovery and our role is to support and provide the tools so that the client feels empowered to enter back into the life they have been missing out on due to their eating disorder.

We are happy to discuss the programme further if you would like to contact us at / 01 564 4450

The cost of treatment is covered by private health insurance (VHI Healthcare and Irish Life, Garda Medical Aid). The Health Service Executive (HSE) funds clients on a case by case, please contact for advise on applying for funding.

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

Our Ethos

We support a “no shame, no blame” approach. An Eating Disorder is neither anyone’s “fault”” or “choice”. Our aim is to empower clients to feel strong enough to release their eating disorder and realise that the eating disorder is a symptom/ way of coping in the world – it is not who they are.

Families are an important part of the recovery process and we encourage their participation but only with your consent. We also understand that not everyone has a relationship with their family and would not force this connection.


– What has been the value of the ED in your life?
– Consider and re-assess your opinion of the ED behaviours (e.g., restriction, binging, purging, over-exercising, over emphasis on “healthy” also known as Orthorexia).


– Re-gain your life,
– Sometimes, a little re-construction is needed and that is ok too in order to get back what the ED has stolen from you,
– Re-learn; * healthy coping mechanisms, * living again, a fulfilling life.


– Resume your life, begin what you are capable of achieving,
– Your life has been interrupted by the ED but now you are in control of your life, not the ED.


– Gather your thoughts and focus
– Re-store your thoughts, beliefs and focus before the ED took over (we understand this may be hard for some to even remember life before “ED” but that is what we are here for).

About Us

The National Eating Disorders Recovery Centre (NEDRC) supports a realistic view to health and weight. We incorporate WHO, NICE, MEED and the HSE Model of Care for Eating Disorders guidelines along with elements of Health at Every Size (HAES) principles, Intuitive Eating and Therapeutic Movement. We approach each individual with a holistic view, using the Medical (where required), Therapeutic, Psychosocial and Recovery models.

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