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Our team has compiled a number of website links they have found beneficial for our clients & loved ones

Morningside Chats in the Living Room –

EXPERTS in the field of EATING DISORDERS have come together weekly to offer free support to all of our clients who are struggling with this forced change in their lives and in their treatment. Morningside Chats in the Living Room is a safe space for anyone to join, listen, comment, be present and as anonymous, as you choose.

Beat Eating Disorders

Raising Resilience is a series of online workshops for carers that take place live over Zoom. Along with others caring for someone with an eating disorder, you’ll learn new skills from an experienced eating disorder clinician.

Beat Eating Disorders

Developing Dolphins is a free online training course for anyone caring in a personal capacity for someone with anorexia or bulimia, based on the principles of the New Maudsley method developed by leading expert Professor Janet Treasure. 

Beat Eating Disorders

Supporting Someone – If you know somebody who has an eating disorder or who you think might have an eating disorder, Beat can help you. On these pages you can find information about starting important conversations with someone you’re worried about, how you can help them during their treatment and throughout their wider recovery journey, and advice for taking care of your own wellbeing while supporting someone with an eating disorder. 

Body Whys

Founded in 1995, Bodywhys is the national voluntary organisation supporting people affected by eating disorders. Their mission is to ensure support, awareness and understanding of eating disorders amongst the wider community as well as advocating for the rights and healthcare needs of people affected by eating disorders.

Jig Saw –

Jigsaw want to make sure that every young person’s mental health is valued and supported. Get effective mental health support and advice for young people, parents and those working with young people. Online and face-to-face options available.

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

Our Ethos

We support a “no shame – no blame” approach. An Eating Disorder is neither anyone’s “fault” or “choice”.  Our aim is  to empower clients to feel strong enough to let go of their eating disorder and realise that the eating disorder is a symptom – it is not who they are.

Families are an important part of the recovery process and we encourage their participation but only with your consent. We also understand that not everyone has a relationship with their family and would not force this connection.


– What has been the value of the ED in your life?
– Consider and re-assess your opinion of the ED behaviours (e.g., restriction, binging, purging, over-exercising, over emphasis on “healthy” also known as Orthorexia).


– Re-gain your life,
– Sometimes, a little re-construction is needed and that is ok too in order to get back what the ED has stolen from you,
– Re-learn; * healthy coping mechanisms, * living again, a fulfilling life.


– Resume your life, begin what you are capable of achieving,
– Your life has been interrupted by the ED but now you are in control of your life, not the ED.


– Gather your thoughts and focus
– Re-store your thoughts, beliefs and focus before the ED took over (we understand this may be hard for some to even remember life before “ED” but that is what we are here for).

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