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Nutritional Therapy

The nutritional component at NEDRC addresses the intense emotional aspects related to food and weight, providing fact-based education about health, diet, and exercise to each client.

Our experienced, registered Dietitians have regular, ongoing, individual sessions with clients to directly address issues regarding food and create a personalised meal plan. Staff also eat meals, portion and prepare food with clients to better support and explore each client’s struggle with food. The ultimate goal for clients is a healthy relationship with food. Towards that aim, our programme includes food-related groups; restaurant and grocery outings, and mealtimes dedicated to nutritional healing and education.

Our team holds a great deal of empathy for those struggling to recover from their Eating Disorder. Our professionals understand the fear that comes with even thinking about letting go of the Eating Disorder and commit to meet each client where they are upon arrival, slowly and compassionately exploring and challenging the client’s relationship to food.

While ensuring nutritional stability, our Dietitians patiently help clients challenge Eating Disorder beliefs and identify individual ways to create healthier ideas and thoughts about food and body image.

With the help of the staff, clients may:

· Complete initial Dietetic assessment upon admission,
· Explore client/ family history related to food, including cultural, social and spiritual
· Create an initial meal plan supporting nutritional recovery while meeting the client where they are
· Work 1:1 with Dietitian on identifying food fears, food rules, likes dislikes etc.
· Work 1:1 with Dietitian and staff in the kitchen
· Engage in food-based recovery challenges

· Cooking 1:1 with the Chef or Dietitian
· Attend cafe/ restaurant outings
· Develop independent meal plans
· Explore Intuitive Eating
· Explore beliefs and fears related to food and develop compassionate ways to challenge them

· Identify obstacles outside NEDRC and explore ways to overcome them with support and independently
· Work together to rediscover the freedom and joys of life associated with a healthy relationship to food

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