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The National Eating Disorders Recovery Centre (NEDRC) supports a realistic view to health and weight. We incorporate WHO, NICE, MEED and the HSE Model of Care for Eating Disorders guidelines along with elements of Health at Every Size (HAES) principles, Intuitive Eating and Therapeutic Movement. We approach each individual with a holistic view, using the Medical, Therapeutic, Psychosocial and Recovery models.

Our Consultant Psychiatrists have a vast array of experience from the HSE, NHS, private and public facilities and are all registered with the Irish Medical Council (IMC) and the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

Dr Malcolm Garland, Clinical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist

Our Clinical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist is held in great esteem in the Psychiatry profession. Having many years experience as Consultant Psychiatrist in the HSE, we are honoured to have such an experienced and knowledgeable Clinical Director leading our team.

Dr Attila Szigeti, Consultant Psychiatrist

Our Consultant Psychiatrist has worked specifically in Eating Disorders for the past several years and has a deep understanding from a medical and therapeutic perspective of the recovery processes and risks involved of individuals with an Eating Disorder.

Carla Johnston, Director of Services

Carla Johnston, Director of Services, has worked in Healthcare in various roles for many years and leads the NEDRC team in providing a quality, person-centred service. Carla has worked hard to improve Mental Health Commission compliance whilst working for other services and managed to bring up their compliance until herself and the successful, award winning team spread their wings to NEDRC.

Niall Murphy, Clinical Nurse Manager

Niall Murphy, Clinical Nurse Manager and comes from a background of adult, adolescent and paediatric services having worked in A&E, Medical, Surgical and Mental Health. Niall has excellent skills around the identification of physical deterioration and fast interventions when needed.

Dr Deirdre Walsh Counselling Psychologist, PSI registered. BSc Psychology, MSc Psychology, PhD Psychology.

Deirdre is experienced working both in private and public practice with a wide range of clients experiencing varying difficulties and conditions. Deirdre takes an holistic approach to health and wellness and uses a collaborative mix of therapies including CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, humanistic interventions to support clients. Deirdre is also a trained yoga and meditation teacher and practices weekly. Deirdre has a particular passion in working with young people, helping them to rise through challenges and igniting their drive for living life to the fullest potential.

Dr Dareth Newton Counselling Psychologist TCD, UCD, WCC. Registered Chartered Psychologist with PSI.

Dareth originally commenced working with children, adolescents and families in 2004, her work evolved into also working with adult clients since 2009. Dareth has experience working with clients in conflict, anxiety, depression, PTSD and specifically eating disorders within a specialised service with the HSE. Dareth uses a person-centred integrated approach with clients utilising in particular EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy). Dareth is proficient in carrying out assessments for eating disorders, ADHD, OCD and general mental health, she works with adolescent and adult clients both on an individual and group basis.

Jacqueline Hanna Jennifer Counselling Psychologist

As a Counselling Psychologist, Jacqueline holds a Chartered Membership with Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). She has many years’ experience leading individuals (Children/Adolescents/Adults), Group and Family counselling sessions to help clients achieve their personal goals and objectives.

She is also trained in CBT/BT/ Gestalt Therapy/ Art Therapy and holds Certifications in Intensive Counselling Training, Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) and Study Skills Training for students.

Jacqueline has particular experience dealing with issues such as Learning/ Behaviour/ ASD/ Anger/ Depression/Fear and Anxiety/Stress/ Death and Loss/ Substance abuse/addiction/ Suicide/ Family/ Bullying and Relationships.

Andreana Pulcrano Chartered Clinical Psychologist PSI, FTAI, OsSI.

Andreana Pulcrano, PSI registered Charted Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist & FTAI accredited Family Therapist.

Andreana has worked in public and private practice in Ireland and Italy for many years. Her skills include assessments, individual and group work. She has worked as a staff trainer and delivered parental support.

With dynamic experience in mental health, Andreana has particular skills with clients who have autism, ADHD & associated conditions. Andreana works with children, teenagers and adults. She takes a person-centred approach and aims to meet clients were they are at and work towards progress and improving their life experiences.

Karen Mertig Social Worker and Family Therapist. Coru & Teaching Counselling registered.

Karen Mertig Social Worker and Family Therapist. Coru & Teaching Counselling registered. Holds a BSc Psychology, MA Social Worker & multiple relevant CPD certificates & diplomas.

Karen has a wealth of knowledge & experience with young people, adults & families. From working as senior social worker in both mental and general health Hospitals (children’s Hospital included), lecturing at University level to social work students and as family therapist to families experiencing conflict, distress, crisis, trauma and providing intervention. Karen has worked with clients who have various mental health difficulties including eating disorders, other complex conditions, CSA, substance abuse and guidance counselling to young people.

Claudia Guerrico Diaz- Coru registered Dietician

Claudia has completed a multitude of postgraduate and Master’s level University Dietetic related courses, including working with adolescents, treatment of food disorders and primary health care. She has worked in the Hospital setting within the Multidisciplinary team, primary care and as Dietetic Consultant to Schools regarding meal plans. Claudia has also spent time as a University Lecturer in Dietetics. She is available to see both adolescents and adults with an eating disorder and disordered eating behaviours.

Carole Kealy, Registered Dietician,

Natalie Strachan, Registered Dietician,

NEDRC’s Dieticians are experienced in the treatment of individuals with an Eating Disorder and take a realistic overview of nutrition, lifestyle & life situations without purporting shame or blame.

Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Physiotherapist, Movement therapist

We have Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Physiotherapists & Movement therapists who can assist in and support families/ loved ones in high stress situations and advise on services and options available to them.

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